Node.js is a server-side javascript framework that helps developers to develop fast, scalable, and real-time applications. The node js for app development is done in javascript so we can run them on Windows, macOS X, and Linux. Node js has specific features and benefits that other platforms cannot offer, so it helps developers attract to node js.

In the digital age, building apps for user interaction is prevalent for most developers. Be it any kind of app, mobile or web, it is essential to have real-time features. Real-time messaging, real-time data streaming, real-time notifications, real-time tracking, and IoT devices are widely used features. Some examples of real-time apps are Voice over Internet protocol, online gaming, instant messaging apps, video conferencing, etc.,

Reasons Why Node Js for App Development helps to develop real-time applications:     

The real-time applications are predicted to be super fast and scalable; in such a scenario, node js comes at the top of the table. The below mentioned are the reasons for using node js for app development for developing real-time applications.

  • Speed

The speed and quality of the application can be determined by its response time. The users of the web applications will get tired if they have to wait to get an accurate response. So in this scenario, node js plays an essential role as it can process large amounts of data in seconds and will provide that information to the end user without needing lots of servers to maintain all the requests. If you want to increase the speed of your real-time application, then you can hire Node.js developer from us.

  • Reusability

One of the benefits of node js for app development is the reusability of the code. The reusability of the code plays a vital role in developing a real-time web application. There are instances where the developers might get stuck in a situation. In such cases, they can take the help of different libraries and plugins. They don't have to develop the code each time. They can reuse the components, save time, and speed up the development process.   

  • Proxy Server 

While developing the application, there are certain occasions when developers have to store data in a different space to manage user behavior. But if developers are working in a team, they have to create a proxy server where they can only store headers of HTTPS, non-sensitive pieces of information, and cookies. 

  • Data Handling

The node js for app development uses event-driven data architecture. We will understand this with the example. The users can have real-time information, and there is a feature that they can add such information with the help of their smartphone also. So the organization can apply some principles against the users' data right now, or they can also schedule whatever is best for your project later.

  • Single language

Node.js is currently one of the most used frameworks because of its specific features like speed, security, and scalability. Node js for app development uses only one programming language: javascript. It makes the development bit easier. 

  • SEO Friendliness   

SEO Friendliness of node js for app development has a significant impact. We all know that search engines like or prefer frequently updated content users generate. As lots of web developers are using javascript for developing their sites, there are chances that your sites also get good rankings.


In this article, we have mentioned six reasons why node js for app development helps to develop real-time applications. So if you want to develop any kind of real-time applications, then you can contact the node.js development services providing company like us, and we can help you develop error-free and smooth real-time applications.